SNS Annual Congress : previous editions

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The Swiss Neuromodulation Society organises every year since 2011 its yearly scientific congress. The 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions were joint meetings with the Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM) and were hold in Montreux with internationally reknown speakers.

2013 SNS Congress (programme)

Grand Hotel Majestic in Montreux

Pr Constantin Schizas (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Meeting room

Dr Salim Hayek (Cleveland, USA)

Dr Elliot Krames (San Francisco, USA)

Pr Nicolas Theumann (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Dr Nagy Mekhail (Cleveland, USA)

Dr Michael Gofeld (Toronto, Canada)

Dr Elliot Krames giving his special lecture

More to come soon !!!

2012 SNS Congress (programme)

Hotel du Golf, Montreux

Dr Frank Huygen (Maastricht, Netherland)

Pr Jon Raphael (Birmingham, UK)

Pr Maartan Van Kleef (Maastricht, Netherland)

Dr Theodor Goroszeniuk (London, UK)

Barnaby Jack (San Francisco, USA)

Pr Grégoire Courtine (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Pr Susan Harkema (Louisville, USA)

Gala evening, Palace Hotel Montreux


2011 SNS Congress

Dr David Abejon (Madrid, Spain)

Dr Anthony Davidson (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Dr Mark Plazier (Antwerben, Belgium)

Dr Steven Cohen (Baltimore, USA)

Dr Salim Hayek (Cleveland, USA)

Meeting room